The New Dakota Pipeline

With the new year here and a new president in office, many things have already changed very quickly for the people of North Dakota. In particular, many Native Americans are affected by the new pipeline that was put into official documents by President Trump. During the fall, many Native Americans and other activists fought very hard to make sure this project would never pass.

dakota pipeline

With a new president in office this wasn’t the case at all. The new oil pipeline will start construction¬†sometime this year, and essentially cuts out the need to transport oil via train. There are plans to construct it using American steel products and hire a ton of the area’s local concrete contractors to contribute to the pipeline. This whole project has caused a lot of controversy in the Native American community, especially those in North Dakota.

For many Native Americans it’s important to realize the fight isn’t over at all, it has just begun. When it comes to Native American injustices, history has proven itself to be very unfair to the Natives in this country. The problems in North Dakota are just the tip of the iceberg for many problems that Natives have been dealing with for quite some time. At the root of many of the problems Natives have with this country, is the historical context of how Americans took the land away from the Natives in the beginning.

north dakota pipeline

Although many of the old, historic days are over when it comes to Natives being killed and decimated, modern times are still disturbing for many people. This new pipeline construction President Trump has recently put into action has definitely upset a lot of people. There is still a lot that can be done before it’s officially built. Make sure you research your facts before jumping into any serious protest. Hope isn’t over, align with Native American Activists and speak your mind. Everyone’s voice should be heard.

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