Discover the Navajo Nation

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Unbeknownst to most Americans, there is a sovereign nation living within the borders of the United States that is somewhat unaffiliated with the national U.S. government. Actually there are a number, but the largest of them and most recognized is the Navajo Nation.

The Navajo Nation is a territory that covers over 27,000 square miles of land in the southwestern part of the United States. They occupy the areas near the corner of 4 states but only occupying in 3 of them, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico. They contain their own government consisting of their own legislative house, executive branch, and judicial government. They have their own law enforcement, social services, health services, college, zoo, educational trusts, and economy.

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The Navajo Nation Are Not Urban Outfitters

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A few years ago, the Navajo Nation got some unwanted negative attention towards them, and it was practically unwarranted. Urban Outfitters was having some major problems at their Manhattan store when they were caught having bed bugs, and delayed on properly getting an exterminator. It took them months to actually get an exterminator to properly take care of it. Employees were begging for the company to take care of the bed bug problems so they could stop being bit.

Where the Navajo Nation comes into this mess is that they believe that Urban Outfitters breached the trademark and ended up violating the federal Indian Arts and Crafts Act. In the eyes of the Navajos, they inappropriately labeled items “Navajo Hipster Panty,” and “Navajo Flask.” Navajo people owns trademarks of the names and feels that Urban Outfitters offends their people naming these products without permission. These items are not what they stand for.¬† Continue reading The Navajo Nation Are Not Urban Outfitters

Basic History and Usage of Plants on Earth

Plants are just as much, if not more a part of this existence on Earth as we are. Before any animals were even able to walk on land, there were plants that were growing in the soil. Our history as beings on this planet has grown right alongside plants, and it can be argued, that we are at this point today primarily due to plants.

The first type of plant that we know of that formed on this Earth were algal mats. Most of you know this as basically that green goop found in oceans and lakes. It formed over a billion years ago. This possibly developed into the types of plants that we know today that perform photosynthesis. Once plants started to show up on land, they essentially took over the planet.

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