Learn About the Navajo Casinos

It’s not out of the ordinary for normal Americans to associate Navajos and other Native Americans with casinos. Gambling is illegal in most parts all across the United States. But, Indian reservations are not under sovereign control, and the United States has no jurisdiction to forbid gambling on Native American property. There are nearly 500 gambling operations that almost 250 Native tribes operate, generating over $26 billion dollars in revenue for all of these tribes.

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How did this begin? In the 1970’s a Native American couple were taxed for their property, their first ever. They fought it at the local and state level, losing both. Then, it was brought to the Supreme Court, who stated that the state has no right to tax Indians on their reservations. In addition, they said the state has no right to regulate any Indian activities on their property. Gaming, which was illegal at the state level, could now be considered for the beginning of operating gaming industries across many locations of Indian reservation in the United States.  Continue reading Learn About the Navajo Casinos