Navajo Blankets

In the 19th century, the Navajo blankets consisted of two primary types. Chief blankets, and Serapes were the most often created Navajo blankets. Serapes are often bright in their colors and are woven in a vertical fashion. The Chief Blankets were woven in a horizontal fashion and are easily recognized as being apart of the Navajo culture. Typically containing geometric patterns, chief blankets were also worn on the body. Both serapes and chief blankets are beautiful and highly sought after and worth a financial value.

serape blankets
Serape Blanket
navajo chief blanket
Navajo Chief Blanket

Poncho serapes are pretty rare in the realm of Navajo blankets. They are woven in in a vertical fashion and left with a slit for the head to go through. The poncho serapes drape the blanket on the front and backside.

last navajo chief daughter blanketChief blankets developed over the many years of Navajo culture. In the beginning, known as the first phase of chief blankets, they were striped, and were very basic in that matter. As time, skill, and creativity progressed, the second phase of chief blankets had other designs that went along with the stripes. As the third phase came, the Navajos got extremely creative in their designs of chief blankets. Diamonds, crosses, and other patterns started to appear along with stripes on the chief blankets.